Replacement Filters

SPHINX™ Canisters

Ideal for environments with high concentrations of odorous gases, SPHINX canisters provide a 90%+ removal efficiency in makeup and recirculation air handling units. Low bypass and high-capacity design.

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SPHINX™ Module

This specialty design features a durable, adhesive-free construction with highly aerodynamic airfoil screens, easy access sampling ports, and our patented Posi-Track™ technology.

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SPHINX™ Odor Can

Eliminate terpene odors, gases and VOCs from the air with SPHINX's Odor Can. Our filters utilize SPHINX virgin activated carbon to trap those unpleasant odors, so they don’t cause problems with surrounding communities or affect employees well-being. We offer both standard and lite versions of our canisters for easy replacement.

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SPHINX™ PuraGrid

Ideal for odor control where high levels of gas would overwhelm a traditional particulate filter. Uses a high-impact plastic frame with a built-in header for durable and lightweight housing that can hold over 20 pounds of media in a 24x24x12 filter.

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