ODOR MAX™ VS THE ORIGINAL CARBON FILTER: Terpene Odor Removal Performance

SPHINX products were created to provide the most effective air filtration solutions on the market. To ensure this remains true, we tested the performance of our product against the leading value-tier brand canister carbon filter used in grow houses for terpene odor removal.

Test results
To ensure relevance to the odor issues that affect grow house operations, our tests analyzed the gas adsorption capabilities of products from SPHINX and the original carbon filter canister. Two of the most common terpenes found in grow house environments, pinene and myrcene, were chosen as representative chemicals for the broader range of gases that make up this unique odor. The tested products were SPHINX Odor Max media and the canister activated carbon. The graphs below show the capacity of each product against the target gases.

SPHINX Odor Max displays a 2X GREATER overall Pinene and Myrcene capacity than original canister carbon. This disparity can be attributed to the fact that our media uses a patented blend specifically designed for grow house odor removal and increased performance in high humidity environments. Our tests were based on ASTM D6646, Standard Test Method. This higher performance was confirmed by third-party testing.

SPHINX Odor Max displays the highest overall terpene removal capacity, lasting twice as long as the original canister activated carbon. This means less filters are needed, less change outs and less money spent on odor filtration. SPHINX Odor Max includes an oxidizing agent that minimizes the growth of mold and powdery mildew. This patented blend captures odorous grow house gases that regular carbon misses. If you want a smarter approach to your grow house air filtration, the SPHINX solution is the clear choice.